The Best Apps To Make You Money

Are you looking for ways to make some extra side money? I use a couple of smartphone apps to make hundreds of dollars for extra spending money.

Here is a list of the best apps to make you money while standing in line, in the car, or simply passing time:



Ebates is one of my favorite ways to earn some extra cash – by doing almost nothing! Ebates offers cash back for purchases from hundreds of online retailers. They pay you in gift cards or Paypal (which is pretty much cash).

Get $10 just for signing up here.


Shopkick gives you rewards via gift cards just by walking into stores, scanning items, or linking your store credit card. If you go to the mall, you can hit so many stores in one trip and earn some extra spending money!

Use this link to get an extra 250 kicks just for signing up!

Survey Apps:

These apps pay you for filling out surveys on your phone, and send you gift cards or other rewards for completing surveys.

You have to complete quite a few surveys to make a substantial amount of money, but over a few months you could earn a few hundred dollars!


On Swagbucks you can complete a variety of tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, etc. You can also make Swagbucks your search engine and make around 50SB per day (this equals $5 in 9 days, or $50 in three months)!

To earn an extra $5 when you start, use this link.

Fitness Apps:


Sweatcoin is my favorite app to use, because it pays you just for walking!

The app counts your steps every day and pays you out in gift cards, deals, and other bonuses. I keep the app running in the background and earn cash just from walking around campus!

Get started with bonus Sweatcoins here!

Other services I love that give you cash just for starting:


I just started using this meal subscription service and I absolutely love it! Hellofresh delivers you 2-4 meals each week for around $8 per serving, about the same as what you’d pay at the grocery store without the hassle!

As a busy college student, I barely have enough time to sleep, much less plan meals, so I love getting fresh ingredients and recipes mailed to me each week.

To get started, claim this $40 towards your first box of delicious ingredients and simple recipes.


I use Uber almost every day to get to class – the hills in Ithaca can be killer!

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, click here to get $5 off of your first ride!

These are all some of my favorite apps to use every day!

I hope that you find an app that works for you and helps you make some side money!

What apps you are excited to try?

The best apps to make you money by Blonde Biology

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  1. These apps are so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing. I hadn’t heard about all of these, so I will add them to my list.

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