What’s in My Backpack – College Edition

I LOVE shopping for school supplies, and I love organizing my backpack and packing it with lots of stuff to help me study.

I think shopping for school supplies just makes me feel so organized and like I’m ready to take the year head-on!

Also, if you forget something, don’t worry! Your school store will have everything you need, and it’s fun to go shopping for cute pens/pencil cases/binders with your friends the first week of school.

Here is my list of everything I keep in my college backpack:

The Backpack

  • I’ve been using a custom Kappa Puma backpack (one of my sorority sister’s dad works at Puma) but I may switch to another one since I’ve had this one for a while.
  • I’ve been eyeing this Tumi backpack for a long time, and have a list of my favorite backpacks in all price ranges here.


  • Folders – for classes that I’m only graded bases off of exams, I use folders to keep my practice exams/practice problems/exams in and then keep a separate notebook filled with notes (since folder take up A LOT less room than binders
  • Binders – for classes that have a lot of practice tests, weekly assignments, etc. I use binders and normally keep them at home.
  • Notebooks – for technical classes (Chem, Calc, Stats, Bio) I use notebooks since there are lots of equations that can be hard to put on the computer. I like using one-subject notebooks for each class and then switching them out at the end of the semester.
  • Dropbox – I take all of my non-technical notes in Word and then upload them to Dropbox. I love Dropbox because:
    • All of the files show up on my computer as if they were on my hard-drive (you can’t do this on Google Drive)
    • I can also access the documents on school computers in the library when I need to print something


  • Black pens – I buy a huge pack of pens at the beginning of every year so that all of my notes looks the same
  • Colored pens – to underline important things in my notes or to draw diagrams – love these by Stabilo
  • Black sharpies – to label your boxes, draw out a house-cleaning chart, or draw on your sleeping friend’s face
  • Pencil case – keeps your pens from floating around in your packpack


  • Post-it notes – to mark important quotes in books (I use this tactic when writing research papers)
  • Flash cards – the absolute best way to study
  • Highlighters –  before exams I create a HUGE study guide document that has all of my class notes/practice problems on it and I highlight any areas that I’m not sure about so that I can clarify these concepts with my professor


I hope you enjoyed this post about everything I keep in my backpack! Check out my post about everything I packed for college here.

Blonde Biology What to Pack for College in Backpack.

Pens | Apple AirPods | Kate Spade Notebook

Eos Lip Balm | Kate Spade Flamingo CaseRay-Bans

S’well bottle | Tumi Backpack | Sachin & Babi Earrings

What do you keep in your backpack? Does getting organized at the beginning of the year help you be more productive?


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