Income Report: 5 Critical Things I Did to Make a Profit in my First Month Blogging

It has now been a month since I started this blog on July 18, 2018.

It has been a crazy ride, and I have learned SO MUCH in this first month.

I knew that when I started my blog, I wanted to do it right the first time. This meant that I did a few critical things for every post:

1. Research the Topic

Before I posted anything, I would conduct extensive research on that topic. For example, for my “What to Pack for College” post, I searched through Pinterest to see how the best-performing college packing lists were formatted.

After getting a good idea of how these posts were organized, I created my own post that followed a similar formula.

2. Produce Quality Images

One of the keys to mastering Pinterest marketing is producing quality images.

I used to use a free photo-editing software called BeFunky, but I’ve now switched over to Canva since it has more features.

3. Write Unique Posts that People Actually Care About

As much as many bloggers refuse to acknowledge, your blog is not for you, it’s FOR YOUR READERS. 

Many people think that they can write about any topic that they want and people will read your blog.

In most cases, people don’t care what you ate for breakfast, and instead want to know the “Key Things You Eat Every Morning to Stay Healthy.See the difference?

4. Use Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing

I joined Tailwind using the free trial and then after about two weeks of getting the hang of my Pinterest promotion system, I switched to the paid version of Tailwind.

Now, Tailwind is the #1 source of traffic to my blog (via Pinterest).

Once a week, I sit down and schedule 30 pins/day for the following week.

I use a formula of 20% my pins and 80% other pins to maximize my Pinterest exposure. If you only post your own pins, your readers will get bored and Pinterest will see your account as spammy.

Use this link to get the same FREE monthly trial of Tailwind that I used.

5. Monetize your Blog

Now onto my main sources of blogging income:

Google AdSense

Since I’m not yet able to join MediaVine or another ad network, I’ve just been using Google Adsense. I set the ads to cover 75% of the maximum space on my page, and have been earning between .20-1.50/day through AdSense, totaling $9.23.

Amazon Affiliate

I link to Amazon from a number of products on my blog, and make a small percentage of every Amazon sale after someone clicks on my links.

My “What To Pack for College” post produced the largest amount of Amazon clicks for me since it went viral on Pinterest.

Over the span of a month, I made $13.85 from Amazon.

CJ Affiliate

I’ve only used CJ Affiliate links on one of my posts so far, and have had a number of clicks but not any purchases yet. I hope to use more CJ Affiliate links (mainly to next month to increase this stream of income.

Shareaholic Ad Network

I use the Shareaholic plugin on my site to add a number of features, and recently allowed them to post a few ads on my site. This is my smallest income stream (since it has the least exposure on my site) and has generated about $0.10 in revenue.

Total Blogging Revenue: $23.18


Each month when I share my monthly income report, I want to share my stats to show the raw numeric improvement of my blog.

Here is a screenshot of my unique visitors (not page-views) in my first two weeks blogging:

Blonde Biology First Month Blogging Stats

After the month, my page-views totaled over 2,000:

Blonde Biology First Month Blogging Stats

Over the first month, I was super busy, but prioritizing my time, I was able to:

  1. Post 14 blog posts
  2. Create Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for my blog
  3. Monetize my blog with Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, CJ Affiliate, and Shareaholic
  4. Move myself into my apartment at Cornell
  5. Get an A in both of my summer semester classes

Social Media Stats:

Email Subscribers: 15

Instagram Followers: 770

Facebook Likes: 104 

Pinterest Followers: 585

Goals for next month:

  • Design a new header and layout for the site
  • Post more links to through CJ Affiliate
  • Double my Pinterest exposure 
  • Post more articles geared towards ambitious, healthy, millennial women!

Want to see some of my most popular posts from my first month blogging?

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  1. Awesome job making money your first month! I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging so it took me much longer to start making money.

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