Grow Your Own Succulents

Succulents come in all colors, shapes, and sizes & have broad, fleshy leaves that hold a ton of water – and make them a great low-maintenance houseplant!

Since these babies are native to African deserts, they can live on your porch or patio if you live in a warm climate, or make a perfect houseplant. 

5 Steps for Easy Peasy Propagation 

Succulents are a perfect plant for your dorm or apartment that come with a baby-making bonus.

To make succulent babies from your existing plants, follow these 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Pull off the leaves

Pull a few leaves off of the base or spine of your succulent using a twisting motion.

Be sure to not leave any of the leaf flesh on the mother plant (so a new leaf can grow)! Grab a few leaves from each of your succulents since not all of them will grow.

Step 2: Place the leaves in a plastic container

Place your leaves on the surface of a container that is filled with a small layer of dirt.

The succulent leaves should receive sunlight for part of the day, but not enough to make them too hot or dry them up.

Step 3: Mist your leaves

Use a spray bottle to mist your leaves once per week until the pink roots start to form. As the pink roots grow longer, the succulent leaf will begin to shrivel up, but don’t worry! A miniature plant will soon form at the edge of the succulent leaf.

Once the roots have formed, mist them every day to ensure that they don’t become dry & to ensure growth of your baby succulent.

Step 4: Replant your baby succulent!

Once your baby plant looks like a full-fledged mama plant and the old succulent leaf is shriveled up, plant your baby plant in its own pot.

Step 5: Make a succulent arrangement

Plant various types of succulent leaves in a pot to make a pretty arrangement. Pots of baby succulents make for such cute gifts if you combine a few different varieties.

Keep watering your baby succulent once a week until it’s ready to make more babies!

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Have you ever tried propagating your succulents?

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