5 Tips To Get Healthy, Glowing Skin

I’m obsessed with finding natural beauty hacks to improve my skin. It’s all about using the right products, eating the right foods, and treating your skin AND your body with a whole lotta love.

Read on to find out how to get healthy, acne-free, radiant, glowing skin, naturally.

Great skin starts from the inside out:

Before you event think about applying a face mask or beauty oil, you need to nourish your skin from the inside – out.

Step 1: Drink loads and loads of water. 

The key to having good skin is to always have water within arm’s reach. I start my day every day with a huge glass of lemon water tonic. I normally drink the whole thing while I’m getting ready, and then fill up my water bottle again before I leave the house.

I also have a Brita Water Pitcher that I keep in my room so that if I’m up late studying or browsing the internet I always have water on hand. You should try to drink at least 9 cups of water per day, and even more if you exercise to get bright, plump skin.

Step 2: Eat your way to clear skin

I could write an entire post on the best foods for your skin, but the takeaway is to eat a balanced diet full of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and a small amount of meat and oils.

Concentrate on foods like tomatoes, dark chocolate, and green tea with LOTS of antioxidants to boost your blood flow and oxygenate the skin.

Step 3: Cleanser

You need to cleanse your face EVERY DAY to remove the buildup of oils and makeup that accumulates on your face.

If you’re looking for a quick way to take off your makeup after a long night of studying (or going out ;)), I’d highly recommend these inexpensive Burt’s Bees wipes that come with different natural extracts catered to your skin type.

If you wear heavier makeup and want something that gently removes makeup, I’d recommend this Mario Badescu foaming cleanser.

Step 4: Use Serum in addition to your normal moisturizer

Beauty serums soak into the skin a lot better than most typical moisturizers, and can give you fresh, glowing look. Use a quarter sized amount of serum and rub it gently into your face, using upward motions to stimulate blood flow.

This Argan oil serum is perfect for your morning routine, and this serum is a perfect high-quality option that both brightens and moisturizes.

Step 5: Use a jade roller

Jade rollers are a great way to roll in your morning and nighttime serum. They are rod-shaped devices with two oblong pieces of jade on either end. The larger end is used for the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck, and the smaller end is used under the eyes.

Incorporating a jade roller into your morning and nighttime routine can help cool your skin, reduce redness, and encourage lymphatic drainage to rid your face of any nasty chemical buildup. Jade rollers are also a perfect way to de-puff after a long plane ride.

Jade rollers come at all price ranges, with my favorites found here and here.

Finally: Get a good night’s rest

Nighttime is prime time when it comes to skin rejuvenation. Your body renews its cells when you sleep, so going to bed just an hour earlier can help you wake up with fresh skin the next day.

I’ve noticed that my skin looks & feels so much better when I get at least eight hours of sleep.

Check out my post about my favorite uses of coconut oil.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how I achieve healthy, glowing skin. What are your favorite skin-care tips for that dewey glow?

Tips To Get Healthy Glowing Skin by Blonde Biology

11 thoughts on “5 Tips To Get Healthy, Glowing Skin”

  1. Great blog post! I have never heard of jade rollers before, but I will definitely check them out to add to my skin care routine. It also sounds like a great present to buy my sister a birthday gift that is not a face mask haha!

  2. I can see where one of those Jade rollers would be quite useful and especially to older skin that is losing it’s collagen levels. The older our skin gets, the less you want to stretch it! I wrote a post a few months back that touched on how delicate aging skin is. Those rollers would have been perfect for us old ladies! Great post and thanks for sharing it!

    1. Yes! It helps boost blood flow and can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles especially on older skin.

  3. So I love the suggestions but I have a few concerns that maybe you could advise me on. I usually shower and use my face wash every other day because daily showers and such makes my eczema flare up. I figured that my skin was too dry. This has worked for the last few years and my face is pretty cleared up compared to my teen years. I eat pretty healthy and drink a lot of water. After washing my face I use a moisturizer that is non-oily.

    1. I would try using a face wash that is less drying, or a cleansing oil that would be easier on your skin if you’re experiencing flare-ups.

  4. I’m glad to come across this post. I deal with blemishes and oily skin all the time! I think using this routine may help me a lot.

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